pet food

  • Choosing the right food for your pet

    As a pet parent, making sure we cater for all of our fur kid’s needs is not always an easy task. Some of their needs are straightforward – like giving them plenty of playtime! But when it comes to determining the right diet, choosing a...

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  • Breed specific pet nutrition

    You may ask yourself, why are there different diets for specific breeds, what makes them special? Well just like the different breeds themselves have certain characteristics, traits and unique sensitivities so do the ROYAL CANIN® breed specific diets. No two dog breeds are the same...

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  • Natural & Grain-Free Pet Food | FAQ

    It's a well-known saying, 'You are what you eat'. This doesn't only apply to humans, but to our furry friends too. It may feel as though we are bombarded with new specialty diets everyday, but these concepts of natural diets do hold some truth. Just...

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