Pawz to Clawz

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    Pawz to Clawz Cat Scratch & Lounge

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    Pawz to Clawz Cat Scratch Teepee


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Give your cats an acceptable place to fulfill their scratching needs

Scratching is a natural behaviour and territorial instinct. Cat’s scratch to mark their domain, hone their claws, stretch muscles and relieve stress, as well as play and have fun. There is no point fighting it, so provide your cat with a healthy alternative.

Environmentally friendly and recyclable Made from highly durable, eco-friendly corrugated cardboard, these cat scratchers are recyclable even after your cat is done with it.

Includes free catnip Attracts your cat and helps you entice your cats to have good scratching habits. Cats can’t resist catnip and it will keep them interested and entertained for hours!