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PrideBites Dog Toys

When PrideBites™ started, they were just a group of dog loving college friends unhappy with the look, feel and versatility of dog toys on the market, so decided to create one themselves. In the first year, they found out that dogs everywhere loved their Custom PrideBites™ as much as they did, so began to work on bringing customization to all the other essential pet products.

Their top priority while building out the PrideBites™ custom catalog was to create it with you in mind! They put a lot of work into selecting a variety of soft, durable, safe and easy to clean materials for your dog’s everyday use.We’re thrilled to share this with you and we’ll continue to bring you more options with the best products and experience around! At PrideBites™ the motto is “Your Pet, Your Choice™,” and we wouldn't have it any other way.

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