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  • How Your Pet Can Benefit From Cannabis (CBD) Oil

    How Your Pet Can, And Will, Benefit From Cannabis Oil When the legislation was passed for people to be able to use cannabis in their personal capacities, it opened up a world of experimentation of the medical capabilities of this wonder plant. This is as...

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    Summertime and pet-friendly practices

    Every year summer brings with it energy and excitement. The kind that makes you want to get out and do things: be outside, be in nature. And who better to spend this time with than your beloved fur friend? To make the most of this...

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    Recipe: Peanut Butter CBD Dog Biscuits

    Peanut Butter CBD Dog Treats by The Sweet Rebellion Recently my vet recommended CBD oil to treat my dogs anxiety. Problem is, most CBD oils taste pretty unpleasant, and my fussy hound refused to consume it. Then I discovered the Select Pets flavoured hemp tinctures...

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    Pets, Parasites and People - What you need to know

    Article by: Dogs and cats are not just pets. They are treated like members of the family. And like any member of your family, it’s important to keep your companion animal healthy and free of parasites. It is fairly common for a dog or...

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  • Choosing the Correct Training Aids to Walk Your Dog

    Getting a new dog is very exciting, and there is nothing more rewarding than a loyal dog that is obedient and understands what you want from them. But sometimes training them might be more of a challenge than expected. And because not all dogs are...

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    Understanding Diabetes In Pets

    Diabetes is relatively common disease seen in small animal veterinary practice. Yet so many pet owners are absolutely amazed, or in disbelief, when this diagnosis is made. TO BEGIN WITH: There are two types of diabetes. The more common one is Diabetes Mellitus, in comparison...

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  • Avoid The Dreaded Shred: Why Cats Need Scratching Posts

    Cats are wonderful pets and we love them to bits. This can, however, prove to be a bit challenging at times – as any cat owner will know. Especially when you find them destroying your best carpet or couch, while vacantly staring you directly in...

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  • 4 Benefits of CBD oil for your dogs

    Credits:Article by Dog owners are always on the lookout for innovative products that can help their furry friends become healthier and happier. It’s always difficult finding food that offers your dog the right amount of nutritional value, and without gaining advice on a product...

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