• Does Your Pet Have Separation Anxiety?

    Separation anxiety is not just something confined to human beings - it affects our furry friends too. Dogs appear to be more prone to it, most likely because of the strong bond and dependence that naturally forms between a dog and their owner. However, cats...

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  • Pet Food Labels Explained

    Many of us will stand for hours in the supermarket aisles trying to understand what is packaged in the food we’re about to consume, however, very few of us will do the same for our furkids when purchasing their packaged food. Here are some handy...

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  • Listeriosis and your pet | Everything you need to know

    Hill’s Pet Nutrition South Africa addresses pet parents’ Listeriosis concerns. The latest nationwide Listeria outbreak has naturally got pet parents concerned about what they should and shouldn’t be feeding their pets. Listeriosis is a serious but treatable disease caused by Listeria monocytogenes, which is widely...

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  • Good Vs Bad Essential Oils for Pets

    Many know the beneficial use of aromatherapy and essential oils to help with anxiety, inflammation and other general uses, however, many people are unaware that there are several essentials oils that can be dangerous towards your pet’s health. The use of essential oils can be...

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  • Free Printable Pet Home Alone Emergency Card

    Many people head to work and leave their furkids at home alone. Have you ever thought about what might happen to your pet if you were injured while away from home? Here at Pet Heaven we love to make pet parenting easy and have come...

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  • 6 Fruits Your Dog Will Love

    We all know that eating fruit is good for us, it is high in natural vitamins and minerals that assist our body to perform at its best. But is the same true for dogs? You might be surprised to learn that certain types of fruit...

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  • 6 Pet Travel Tips for Road Trips

    Adventurous furkids love taking road trips! Whether you are visiting a park, nature reserve, or going away on holiday, don't leave your pooch behind!  Here are 6 travel tips for road tripping with your dog. 1) Ensure to pack the essentials Make a check list of trip...

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  • Rufus' Advice: How to Pick the Best Pet Bowl

    If you thought that a pet bowl is just a pet bowl, think again! There are many different pet bowls to choose from and with so much choice, it can be difficult choosing the best one. Take a few tips from Rufus on how to choose the pawfect...

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