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Health & Wellness Everything you want to know about pet health & wellness, from joint pains to other medical conditions.
  • Hot dogs: Heat stroke in dogs! How serious is it?

    South Africa is a hot country, and with global warming and climate change, it may be getting hotter. Which is why we need to be aware of the danger this poses to our pets. We have all heard about heat stroke or heat exhaustion, but...

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  • Becoming Pet Parents

    Choosing the right product that fits your needs is often easier said than done, because what do you actually need? Becoming a new pet parent can often be very confusing because it is difficult to know what exactly your pet needs regarding preventative treatment. There...

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  • Understanding the importance of Omega 3 & 6 and how they differ

    The terms Omega 3 and 6 can be seen everywhere nowadays, including on a lot of pet food packaging. But what are they? What functions do they have in your dog's metabolism? And how important are they for your pet's health? What are they? Omega...

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  • Parasites in Small Animals

    Tick, flea, and mites products Living in the southern hemisphere is fantastic. We have an amazing sub tropical climate which allows us to have a great outdoor lifestyle. But we are not the only ones that enjoy these conditions. Tiny little creatures that most dog...

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  • Arthritis in cats

    Until fairly recently osteoarthritis or arthritis in cats has not commonly been diagnosed or treated, the biggest reason being that cats are great at hiding disease! It’s in their survival instinct not to show pain. Especially when they get older, they just tend to sleep...

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  • Play with Your Cat!

    In addition to sleeping & eating, play is a major part of a cat's life. Playing with your cat strengthens your bond, helps disperse aggression, builds trust and confidence in shy cats and improves inappropriate biting and scratching. Help improve your cats wellbeing by exercising...

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  • Keep Your Dog’s Winter Blues Away With Toys!

    Not every pet enjoys plunging temperatures and the cold weather can really cut into their recreational time. Whether it's you or your pet who hates being outside when the air gets crisp and cold, you have to admit that your pets still need their playtime...

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  • Pet Gut Health: Probiotics in dogs and cats

    Pets often eat all sorts of rubbish they shouldn't. And why do they do this? A very good question with often no answer! It almost seems that the grosser and more rotten the substance, the better and apparently tastier. Very rarely are they lacking some...

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