• Lockdown: Our Vet shares 13 tips

    Article by Dr. Jeanne Pickard Life has radically changed in South Africa with the sudden enforcement of lockdown due to a coronavirus Covid 19. We are all home a lot more than usual. And it’s no holiday, because during holiday time we are allowed to...

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  • 10 Pet Adoption Points No One Ever Mentions

    Article by Dr. Jeanne Pickard Deciding to adopt a new pet is always a very exciting decision and definitely a life-changing event. But it can also be a very emotionally challenging journey - no matter how much you would like to, you just cannot take...

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  • 4 Benefits of CBD oil for your dogs

    Credits:Article by Dog owners are always on the lookout for innovative products that can help their furry friends become healthier and happier. It’s always difficult finding food that offers your dog the right amount of nutritional value, and without gaining advice on a product...

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  • The Aging Cat: What to Expect When Cats Get Old

    Thanks to amazing advances in Veterinary medicine and nutrition, our cats are living longer and healthier lives. And because cats are absolutely wonderful pets, the longer we can have them around, the better! But with this extended lifespan comes some health issues that every cat...

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  • How to Beat Your Pet's Travel Anxiety

    So, you are all set for your annual holiday complete with the family pooch, but an hour into your trip Rover is panting and whining in the back and you are at your wits end! When traveling with pets, it can be a stressful time...

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  • Does Your Pet Have Separation Anxiety?

    Separation anxiety is not just something confined to human beings - it affects our furry friends too. Dogs appear to be more prone to it, most likely because of the strong bond and dependence that naturally forms between a dog and their owner. However, cats...

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  • Good Vs Bad Essential Oils for Pets

    Many know the beneficial use of aromatherapy and essential oils to help with anxiety, inflammation and other general uses, however, many people are unaware that there are several essentials oils that can be dangerous towards your pet’s health. The use of essential oils can be...

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  • Free Printable Pet Home Alone Emergency Card

    Many people head to work and leave their furkids at home alone. Have you ever thought about what might happen to your pet if you were injured while away from home? Here at Pet Heaven we love to make pet parenting easy and have come...

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