• Toy Mistakes Pet Parents Make

    We know that our pets need regular exercise to keep them active, healthy and out of trouble. However, as pet parents, we aren’t able to always keep them entertained, making it easy for them to possibly get bored. Toys are a great way to keep...

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  • DogBox Project

    The Dogbox project has become a long standing event where people come together and give back by sponsoring and painting ready-made kennels that get distributed throughout our communities to the shelters that are caring for the many animals that don’t have homes. This year, The...

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  • Hello Dog Box Product Review

    Who doesn’t love a monthly subscription box? It’s like a present to yourself every month, or in this case a present to your dog every month… When Hello Dog Box asked us at Stylish Paws to review their latest March subscription box, of course we...

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  • Breed specific pet nutrition

    You may ask yourself, why are there different diets for specific breeds, what makes them special? Well just like the different breeds themselves have certain characteristics, traits and unique sensitivities so do the ROYAL CANIN® breed specific diets. No two dog breeds are the same...

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  • Becoming Pet Parents

    Choosing the right product that fits your needs is often easier said than done, because what do you actually need? Becoming a new pet parent can often be very confusing because it is difficult to know what exactly your pet needs regarding preventative treatment. There...

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  • Understanding the importance of Omega 3 & 6 and how they differ

    The terms Omega 3 and 6 can be seen everywhere nowadays, including on a lot of pet food packaging. But what are they? What functions do they have in your dog's metabolism? And how important are they for your pet's health? What are they? Omega...

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  • 10 Pet Adoption Points No One Ever Mentions

    Deciding to adopt a new pet is always a very exciting decision and definitely a life-changing event. But it can also be a very emotionally challenging journey - no matter how much you would like to, you just cannot take all the cute fur babies...

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  • How to Solve Common Skin Problems in Pets

    Skin problems can be of great discomfort to your furkid. There are several reasons your beloved pet may be suffering from skin problems including: diet, the environment, and allergies. In fact, 40% of vet visits are related to skin problems. The most common skin problems...

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