NutriFlex Collagen Daily Vitality & Anti-Ageing Complex for Dogs & Cats


NutriFlex Collagen is your pets daily scoop of happiness.

NutriFlex is a DAFF registered, nutrient-dense “bone broth” powder dogs for dogs and cats. It's protein-rich (90% protein by volume) enriched daily maintenance complex is packed with essential amino acids which are essential for the strength of tendons, joints and bones.

NutriFlex Collagen Daily Vitality & Anti-Ageing Pet Complex contains 3 natural synergistic ingredients to replenish and restore optimal collagen synthesis.

Adding NutriFlex collagen peptides, which are a highly bioavailable source of essential amino acids and minerals, to your pet’s food daily helps your pet enjoy an active, happier and healthier life.

Choose an Option:


Collagen Type I + III for ANTI-AGEING

  • Hydrolysed collagen helps offset the degenerative effects of ageing. Collagen promotes lean muscle and aids ligament, tendon and bone strength and flexibility, helping to stabilise joints and prevent injuries. Collagen helps to detoxify the liver, aids gut health, improves skin health, vitality and coat shine.

Hydrolysed Gelatin for GUT FUNCTION

  • With the same unique amino acid profile as collagen, gelatin can help protect the gut lining and digestive tract, soothe upset stomachs and relieve digestive ailments.


  • A powerful immune booster, MSM supports active joint health and enhanced mobility, aids gut health, offers protection against intestinal worms and can help ease discomfort and aid recovery following injury or surgery.


Why should you add NutriFlex™ collagen to your best friend's diet?
Collagen is the main structural protein found in skin and connective tissues, joints, tendons, cartilage and ligaments. In fact, 30% of the total protein in your pet's body is collagen. Collagen protein determines the health and vitality of your pets muscles, bones, gut nails, teeth, skin and coat. As animals age, their capacity to produce collagen diminishes and the visible and degenerative signs of ageing start to appear — making them more susceptible to injury, joint pain, mobility issues, poor digestion and skin allergies.
How soon should I start adding NutriFlex™ collagen to my best friend's daily diet?
The depletion of healthy collagen in your pet's body is a natural part of the ageing process, but that does not mean that it is gone forever. Lost collagen can easily be replaced through dietary intake — the earlier you begin adding NutriFlex™ Collagen to your best friend's diet, the more likely you are to offset the degenerative effects of ageing for a more active, happier and healthier life  — "hello happiness"
Why NutriFlex™?
With all the misinformation, questionable and unpronounceable ingredients in many pet nutrition products today it’s no longer just about what goes into them, but rather what is left out that makes NutriFlex™ special. In our case you won’t find any unnecessary or counter-intuitive ingredients, added sugar, artificial sweeteners, flavours, flavour enhancers, colours, bulking agents, fillers, MSG, preservatives or toxins.
Additional Info
Additional Info
Brands Nutriflex
Pet Type Cat
Featured N/A
Product Type Supplements
Product Feature Non-toxic, Preservative Free, Sugar-Free
Breed Non-Specific
Breed Size All Breeds
Flavour No
Lifestage All
Size Chart No
Customer Reviews (5)
Great product
My elderly border collie seems years younger since taking this supplement. Would recommend it to all senior dogs for renewed vitality and tail-wagging! (Posted on 18/01/2022)
Great product
This is a really great product - I have two large dogs and give them each a scoop every day, and one tin lasts well over a month. Great value for money, and high quality. (Posted on 14/08/2021)
Great product
This is a great product my dogs love it. (Posted on 02/01/2021)
great for aging and arthritis
used this for my one boy recovering from orthopedic surgery could see a difference after only a few days , definitely improves joint mobility (Posted on 22/12/2020)
Brilliant product (Posted on 26/09/2020)
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