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Acana Regionals Wild Prairie Cat Food


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The Acana Regionals Wild Prairie Cat Food FOR ALL BREEDS AND LIFE STAGES is loaded with free-run chicken, turkey, whole nest-laid eggs and wild-caught fish from our cold northern lakes, delivered fresh daily in WholePrey™ ratios, ACANA Wild Prairie is brimming with natural goodness.

Inspired by their vast fertile prairies, rich soils and pristine lakes, ACANA Wild Prairie features unique regional ingredients delivered fresh from western Canadian farms and waters.

Trusted everywhere, carbohydrate-limited and protein-rich ACANA promotes peak conditioning in all breeds and life stages.
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  • Entirely free of plant protein concentrates, ACANA Wild Prairie is loaded with 75% meat.


  • 1/2 of the meat in ACANA is FRESH and 1/2 is dried. All is deemed fit for human consumption.


ACANA Wild Prairie feature 5 meats in WholePrey™ ratios of meat, organs and cartilage.

  • Free-run chicken – meat, liver, heart, kidney and cartilage, fresh from local farms.
  • Free-run turkey – meat, liver, heart, kidney and cartilage, fresh from local farms.
  • Nest-laid eggs – whole and fresh from local prairie farms.
  • Wild-caught walleye – whole and fresh from Canada’s pristine lakes.
  • Wild-caught trout – whole and fresh from Canada’s pristine lakes.


Unlike conventional cat foods, ACANA’s rich fresh meat and WholePrey™ inclusions deliver essential nutrients naturally, eliminating the need for long lists of additives and supplements.

Additional Info
Additional Info
Brands Acana
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Flavour Chicken
Product Type Dry Food, Grain Free
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Size Chart No
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Customer Reviews (16)
Great quality product
My cats have a much softer and shinier coat after eating this for about a month. Had a look at and Acana is highly rated. Review by (Posted on 20/08/2019)
Great product
Our cat loves Acana. She eats more, her fur is smoother and fluffier. It's got great nutritious value and we had no issues with switching her food. A bit pricey, but highly recommend it! Review by (Posted on 07/08/2019)
Good quality alternative to raw
We had to switch our animals from a raw diet to a kibble alternative because we are moving overseas and they will be in kennels for some time. Acana is probably the best alternative to raw as it is low-carb which is what we always look for in pet food. Cats are not meant to eat any carbs - they are obligate carnivores - but this is the best we can do for now until we can switch them back to a raw diet. Review by (Posted on 06/08/2019)
Excellent nutritious cat food
My cats are doing so great on this food. It has helped to balance their weight. I would not use anything else... love it! Review by (Posted on 22/01/2019)
Love it!
Our kitties love Acana. They took to their new food instantly and our one cat even turns his nose up at wet food these days. He seems a lot fuller and satisfied. We have also noticed that his "gammy" eye flares up less frequently - this could be a coincidence though.

Both our cats love their new food and we have peace of mind knowing that they are eating only good ingredients with REAL vitamins and minerals. It is a tad on the pricey side but with two cats we need a bulk bag of food so the 5.4kg is perfect for our felines.
Review by (Posted on 12/11/2018)
The Best!
Truly one of the best, quality cat foods you can trust
as reviewed:
You know you are giving your babies the best, and it shows!
Review by (Posted on 05/11/2018)
Second best Dry cat food On the market
Really good cat food. The first 5 ingredients (bar the russet potato) are exactly what a cat should naturally be eating. I have seen a big difference in behavior, food consumption, smoothness of my cats fur and overall condition. Even the neighbours cats try sneak in at night to eat!

The only drawback is its a tad pricey(could be justified with the ingredient base though- my cats eat better than I do!) and that it comes in a maximum of a 5.4kg bag so for two cats, it lasts just shy of 1.5 months @ +-120g per day. It would be ideal if there was a 7.5kg bag.

If you can afford it, go for it. It is without a doubt superior to all other dry cat foods on the market, with Orijen being the only exception.
Review by (Posted on 25/09/2018)
My cat loves it! He is fussy!

Took to it from the first few kibbles!

I love it and love that it is pet food with a conscience and FREE from gluten and soya and bulking up with cereal. His inflamed and sensitive skin is calm and he is less neurotic and frazzled. It's like living with a different cat! All chilled and passive.

Thank you Pet Heaven. <3

Review by (Posted on 25/07/2018)
Excellent food
It seems expensive but if you feed according to the guidelines, it lasts long. Cat enjoys it and doesn't get too hungry in between meals Review by (Posted on 06/07/2018)
Excellent Quality Food, Steep Price - Is The Trade Off Worth It?
Our cat took to this food very easily, and seems to generally enjoy it.

Some reviewers had noted that their cat ate less, had improved coat quality and looked generally happier. I personally didn't see the food having any drastic changes on our cat.

The reason why I will keep buying this food for our cat is because of the quality and ingredients used. It's by far better for your cat than any other commercially available dry cat food brands. I do think we'll try the seafood one however, for fear of chicken allergies in our cat.

The price is steep, so whether the trade-off is worth it is debatable, but if you're considering a more budget-friendly option, you can also try Hill's Science Plan. We tried this food too, and while the quality is not the same as Acana, it's probably better value-for-money for the budget-conscious, while also boasting a relatively decent quality list. Otherwise, I'd recommend sticking to Acana and buying in bulk instead to save on costs. That is, only if you're certain your cat will like the food.
Review by (Posted on 05/06/2018)
Guilt free kibble
My little ones took a few days to get used to this after eating Royal Canin which they loved, but the ingredients were so good that I persisted and they now come running when they hear the pellets hit their bowls! Review by (Posted on 01/05/2018)
The only food we'll feed our cat!
We really love this cat food - well, our cat loves it! Very healthy option, great value (when you use scheduled deliveries). You won't regret it! Review by (Posted on 24/03/2018)
Good food, positive result
Better quality food than other foods on the market. Kibble is a lot smaller than other vet brands - truthfully this was an adjustment for my 10yr old prince. Less vomiting from food (which was what I noticed from another premium and popular vet brand). Lost weight and more energy on Acana too. Review by (Posted on 13/02/2018)
Best dry cat food
If you want to feed your cats a dry food please only use ACANA. It may be expensive but if you look at the list of ingredients you will see why.
Over the past year I stopped all dry food for my cats and transitioned them to only wet or raw food. One of my cats was very miserable not having his bowl of " crunches" so I started researching all the brands of dry available in South Africa.
I was very impressed that Acana uses such excellent ingredients with very little carbohydrate added and ALL four of my cats love it.
Review by (Posted on 06/02/2018)
Awesome Product
My cats eat 75% less, and have improved in condition since eating Acana Review by (Posted on 31/10/2017)
Acana & Orijen gave new life to my older cat
I have a Cat who is 10 years old now, and I was looking for a food that was appropriate to feed him and our new kitten. The older cat, was lethargic, over weight and barely active anymore, spending all day sleeping on the couch, and at times he did not look very well at all and had somewhat patchy fur. I thought this was a combination of his age and loneliness, hence getting the kitten.

After reading up about various foods, I realized that the food I was feeding him although sourced at the vet, was not nearly as good as Orijen/Acana, and I thought I may as well switch since it was good for cats and Kittens. I started them on a diet of acana.

In the space of a few short weeks it was like having a new cat in the house, he had begun to lose weight, he was moving around more, and his fur was growing back. After 2 Months I decided to transition to Orijen because of the Positive results of the Acana food, and after a year, it was like having a new cat! He has lost weight, and is now slim and trim, plays with the younger cat or he is out exploring in the garden, and has a lovely shiny and thick coat!

I did not expect to see such dramatic results, but my Cat has gone from looking like his days were numbered, to a Lively healthy cat who behaves like he is 1 year old! I am convinced at the diference that appropriate nutrition can make and I highly recommend both Acana and Orijen cat foods!
Review by (Posted on 31/05/2017)
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Chicken meal
russet potato
boneless chicken
boneless walleye
whitefish meal
chicken fat
sun-cured alfalfa
chicken liver
boneless Lake Whitefish
whole eggs
salmon oil
sweet potato
turnip greens
organic kelp
juniper berries
black currants
chicory root
licorice root
angelica root
marigold flowers
sweet fennel
peppermint leaf
chamomile flowers
lavender flowers
summer savory
rosemary. ACANA’s whitefish meal contains wild-caught flounder
halibut and codVitamin A supplement
vitamin D3 supplement
vitamin E supplement
folic acid
vitamin B12 supplement
zinc proteinate
iron proteinate
manganese proteinate
copper proteinate
selenium yeast
dried Enterococcus faecium fermentation product.