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Schedule & Save FAQs

Is this a standing debit order?
No, we do not debit your account directly but instead charge your debit or credit card. No contracts.
Can I cancel my scheduled delivery?
Yes, you can edit or cancel your scheduled delivery at any time!
What if I don't have money in my account?
The transaction will fail and notify our customer support team who will then help you reactivate your account.
I don't see the 5 to 10% discount?
The discount is already in the scheduled delivery price, simply select your frequency and notice the price difference.
Are my card details stored on your website?
No, we do not store your card details on our website, that is done by our bank with PCI level 1 security!
Can I pay for my schedule via EFT?
Unfortunately not at this stage. The payments are automated using a credit or debit card facility to ensure convenience.
Are my card details safe?
Absolutely! Our website is secure via https and our payment gateway has a PCI level 1 certification.
What payment methods do you accept?
Currently we only accept credit or chip & pin debit cards for scheduled deliveries.
How long does delivery take?
Your delivery date is set according to your schedule, so we will deliver either on or before this date.