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Alien Flex Dog Toys

You are probably familiar with the story of Laika, the world’s first astronaut dog to explore space, in 1957. What you may not know is the never before revealed story of Alpha the Dog – a mutt sent on a secret mission ten years after Laika’s trip. In 1967, scientists discovered Planet X, a Earth-like planet lurking beyond Pluto with high probability of Alien life...

SOMEWHERE IN THE PACIFIC… May 26th, 2015 Forty-five years later, after a deep dive mission in the Pacific, divers found Alpha’s capsule, the one scientists believed had been lost in space forever. Alpha’s body was never found. However, inside the capsule, divers did find three things:

1. The Black Box recorded everything that scientists missed after they lost communication with Alpha. The images revealed a battle between good and evil aliens from several intergalactic planets. You can tell by the eyes who's good and who's evil.

2. The pink & purple raw material found with the capsule revealed became a huge mystery to scientists because of it's durability. Nothing on Earth was known to be as tough. In his memory, the material was used to build the best dog toys in the universe. It was named, Alien Flex.

3. A stone with an alien message of some sort was found together with the black box and the pink & purple raw material. After numerous attempts, the warning message was finally decoded...

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