Field & Forest Game and Lamb Adult Dog Food


Field & Forest Dog Food is made with care with the finest hand-selected ingredients, blended them together in the perfect proportions for both flavour and nutritional value. This combination of succulant game karoo lamb is complemented by whole chickpeas, sliced apple & ground peppermint to form a delicious meal your pup is guaranteed to love. 

With 60% protein from meat, organs, cartilage, eggs & oils, Field + Forest™ provides fully-grown dogs with the nutrition they need for unparalleled performance, well-being and immune-system support throughout their physical development. The perfect meal for pet owners who want to feed their companions the very best that their money can buy.

Key Features:

  • Flaxseed and fish oils - Omega-3 fatty acids supports the healthy development of cognitive learning and retinal function.
  • Rooibos extract - Powerful antioxidants boosts your pal's immune system and promotes healthy blood circulation.
  • Peas - Source of insoluble fibre to control appetite, to feel full for longer.
  • Peppermint - Stimulates the stomach and bile production.
  • Probiotics - Beneficial bacteria promotes nutrient absorption and improves the immune system.
  • Butternut - Contains vitamins and minerals which help keep kidneys healthy.
  • Oranges - Provides your pet with an abundance of vitamin C & A for healthy brain function and to maintain healthy vision.
  • Rosemary - Aids in neutralising cell-damaging free radicals in the body.
  • Chickpeas - Source of dietary fibre and protein as well as rich in vitamins and minerals, which helps promote a healthy digestive system.
  • Apples - Provides necessary fibre, vitamins and minerals, particularly potassium.
  • Oregano - High in antioxidants and flavonoids and may aid in digestive disorders.


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Feeding Guide : 

Weight of dog Active (1 hr or more daily exercise) Less Active (1 hr or less daily exercise)
1 – 5 kg 35 – 120g 20 – 75g
5 – 10 kg 120 – 185g 75 – 130g
10 – 20 kg 185 – 300g 130 – 215g
20 – 30 kg 300 – 410g 215 – 290g
30 – 40 kg 410 – 500g 290 – 360g
40 – 50 kg 500 – 575g 360 – 425g
50 – 60 kg 575 – 725g 425 – 550g

Ensure fresh water is available for your dog at all times.

Additional Info
Additional Info
Brands Field and Forest
Pet Type No
Featured No
Product Type Dry Food
Product Feature Dry Food, Gluten Free, Grain Free
Breed No
Breed Size No
Flavour Lamb
Lifestage Adult
Size Chart No
Customer Reviews (19)
It's a great dog food
The protein content is great for my dog to build muscle. Review by (Posted on 21/09/2021)
Premium dog food. Very well priced.
Premium dog food made from quality ingredients at a very reasonable price. Locally produced and grain free.
A winner!!
Review by (Posted on 13/09/2021)
Great product, dog loves it
Been using this product for a while now and my dog loves it. Review by (Posted on 25/08/2021)
Works wonders
I've tried a couple of different foods. Most made my one dog's skin very itchy because it had chicken in it. My other dog had very soft and often runny poos. I switched over back to this and within 3 days, the runny poos have started firming up. The itchy skin will go away over time, but after a week and a half, at least they are not waking me up in the middle of the night anymore. It's a really great local option if you don't want to buy Acana or Orijen. The price is a bit steep, but well worth it if you want your dogs to be happy. I've also found that the Game and lamb flavour is a favourite among dogs, though there are other flavours to try if your dogs gets bored of this one. Review by (Posted on 25/05/2021)
My dog did not want to go near this. The kibble is also very big. I have not tried the other flavors though. Review by (Posted on 21/05/2021)
Loved this flavour!
My huskies are happy to finish their entire serving of food by the end of the day. They aren't greedy eaters, so their food is left for them to eat as they wish. Review by (Posted on 16/05/2021)
Great food, but expensive
When I just had one dog, I used to give her this and she absolutely loved eating her food. I had very little problems. I just recently got another dog and for someone who doesn't earn that much money, to spend R800 a month on dog food was a bit out of my budget. I do understand that this is one of the highest quality dog foods that you can get on the market and I love that, but sjoe. If I get a raise, I'm definitely going back to this. Review by (Posted on 09/12/2020)
Palatability a problem
I've been feeding my two GSD's on Acana and have been contemplating a change for a number of reasons, price, coming all the way from Canada -far from green, and concern about reports of peas lentils causing problems and seeing that Acana is changing to grains in some markets. Anyway long story short, started to introduuce them to this by mixing 1/3 this, 2/3 Acana and they would not touch it. They kept getting it for the following 4 meals and they picked at it and clearly didn't want know. So theres something in it that they really dont like. Review by (Posted on 30/06/2020)
My doggo absolutely loves the Field&Forest range, and his coat is shiny and soft because he eats well. Review by (Posted on 20/03/2020)
Great local alternative to overseas grain free foods, although I did expect it to be cheaper than it is. My dogs skin in much better on this food and very well tolerated by her gut, she's a sensitive one. Review by (Posted on 03/03/2020)
New Cupboard Staple
What do you give to your doggie who just decided he doesn't like dry dog food anymore?
Field and Forest as it resembles a hearty home good meal.
Tummy troubles are gone, kiddies seem fuller for longer and if you mix in some chicken breast and fresh cooked veggies, they have a super gourmet dinner filled with health and nutrition.
Will definitely stick with this, just change out between the various flavours, which is an added bonus, to prevent boredom of eating the same thing, over and over again.
Thank you Field and Forest.
Review by (Posted on 27/11/2019)
Quality local brand
A great alternative to Arcana that has the same quality ingredients as a lower price. I have one pup that is a fussy eater that now finishes his dinner in seconds since we moved him over to F&F. Review by (Posted on 11/10/2019)
Good grain free alternative
My very fussy rescue has been on Hills and Acana, with some success, before trying this F+F. He eats it quite well, only leaves few chunks now and again, but I think that's more a personality qwerk than a comment in the food! I mix a little wet food in for variety, but this has become our staple :) Review by (Posted on 14/09/2019)
I found the Field + Forest 12kg pack at my local NTK for R100 less than what I paid at Pet Heaven, plus I had to pay you courier charges! Why is an online store more expensive than a normal shop? You don't have the same overheads - the whole point of online shopping is that it is supposed to be cheaper! Review by (Posted on 12/07/2019)
My pup had skin problems for a while, she got welts and kept scratching herself until she bled, we tried so many different brands, and she is fussy as well with what she eats. And then we found this!!!! She cannot wait for meal time and her skin is looking great!! They could use another method of sealing the bag though, but overall amazing! Review by (Posted on 17/03/2019)
Great Acana alternative
Great Acana alternative.
my dog loves it
Review by (Posted on 28/02/2019)
New favourite
We swapped over from Acana to what we hoped was a good local alternative - this is it. Our dog absolutely loves it and his fur is as beautiful as ever.
Really good local alternative.
Review by (Posted on 24/11/2018)
Great food
This is great food for my dogs. No skin problems or sick dogs.
Review by (Posted on 11/09/2018)
Good quality and locally produced
It's finally possible to feed my older dogs a high-value, grain-free, pelleted dog food without buying imported brands which increase their carbon footprint.

The food appears to be of good quality and the dogs are enjoying it. I deducted a star because the 'resealable' bag doesn't reseal very well.

In terms of value, this food is priced a little below the cheapest imported products, but not much. I would have expected decreased production, transport, and import costs to result in a bigger discount for the consumer.

This is a little disappointing, but Montego is a South African company creating jobs, so I think it's worth supporting.
Review by (Posted on 22/07/2018)
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Lamb meal (14%)
Turkey meal (11%)
Game liver (10%)
Game heart (10%)
Whole green peas (10%)
Whole egg
Chicken fat
Whole chickpeas (4%)
Grated butternut
Carrot slices
Sliced orange
Ostrich meal (3%)
Hydrolyzed ostrich liver
Shredded apples
Fish oil
Sugar beet pulp
Salmon oil
Marine algae
Encapsulated fatty acids
Milk thistle
Ground oregano
Ground peppermint
Ground rosemary
Rooibos extract and bacillus subtilis as a probiotic.
Nutritional additives: Vitamin A 15 000 IU/kg
Vitamin D3 1 500 IU/kg
Vitamin E 275 IU/kg
Vitamin B complex 200mg/kg
Zinc 100mg/kg
Manganese 20mg/kg
Iron 125mg/kg
Copper 20mg/kg
Iodine 1.5mg/kg and selenium 0.5mg/kg.