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Coco Cat Litter is a Zero Waste Cat Litter product and is made 100 % from natural Coconut Husk.

It can be directly reused in your garden as compost (after serving as cat litter) and due to the innovative craft style biodegradable cardboard packaging that does not contain any plastic.

Coco Cat Litter is also extremely absorbent with a 400 % fluid absorption rate making it highly effective at absorbing troublesome litterbox odors.

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  • Made from 100 % natural coconut husk pith
  • The coconut husk pith is made up of millions of small micro sponges that quickly absorbs fluids and eliminates odor
  • Long Lasting: 1 box of Coco Cat lasts 1 cat for up to 1 month
  • Biodegradable and chemical free
  • Used Coco Cat can be directly repurposed as compost in your garden after use.
  • Packaged in an eco-friendly recyclable and biodegradable cardboard box
  • Eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable product with no trees being cut down in the production process
  • Safe for all ages of cats including young kittens
  • Light and easy to transport


To help reduce tracking place a piece of artificial grass or a door mat under the litter box. The artificial grass or doormat should extend out from under the litter box for approximately 50 cm in the area where the cat would exit the litter box.

Another way to reduce tracking is by using a litter box / tray with high sides or by placing your existing litter tray in a cardboard box with higher sides

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Additional Info
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Customer Reviews (13)
Good idea, but requires some more thought
We loved the idea of biodegradable cat litter that comes in a cardboard box and that is friendly to our cats, the environment and our wallets (one box lasts a month with our two litter boxes).

The cats loved it too! But we then realised they loved it a bit too much. They started rolling and playing in it and it just becomes SO messy. We found the dust everywhere around the litter boxes, but also on the couch, in the bathroom, and in our bed because both the cats and humans in the household basically started tracking it everywhere.

Turned out nice, and it works well (odourless, cat friendly, earth friendly, easy to clean out), but it turned into a mess really quickly. Even the boxes themselves "leak".
Review by (Posted on 21/05/2020)
loved it/hated it
I loved the way the cat litter absorbed liquid and odors so well but, I hated the black sawdust that was all over my house. I'd love to use it and help the environment but I can't be cleaning my white stairs and floors 5 times a day.
Review by (Posted on 10/03/2020)
Eco Friendly
I use this in the litter box in my catio. Wonderful product, reduces the smell and when I need to replace it, it goes into the garden Review by (Posted on 04/03/2020)
Not working anymore
I have been struggling to find what works in the litter for my boy.. I wanted something that is long-lasting and helps with the odour. I came across this litter.

It's my 3rd try. I prefer this litter because there is hardly odour but know that Rocky is growing he messes around. I am notable to take him out to roam freely because of his FELV so what he does is he feels it's sand so he digs. Sits and rolls in it. It's become a disaster because he toppled it and as we walked messed the home.

I unfortunately need to change. As explained previously the packaging needs to be recovered so that parts don't fall out of box creating a messy situation as in my case with the last order. The litter was in a package along with other items including food and when I opened it most of it fell out and messed the other items. It's too much of a hassle know.

Review by (Posted on 25/12/2019)
Marvelous find
This is the first cat litter that leaves me with a completely clear conscience and also is completely odour free and as absorbent as you can get. I bought a single box for my cat which lasted me more than a month. The best part is being able to tip the used product into the compost or use as mulch in the garden because it's completely biodegradable. And I love the packaging which is plastic free. Top marks! Review by (Posted on 21/11/2019)
Good product, very fine litter
I love the concept of this product, particularly the environmentally friendly aspect.

My cat enjoys digging in this litter, however, the fine texture of the litter sometimes leaves her sneezing. The texture of this litter seems to be prone to tracking out of the box. Often I find trails roughly a 2-3m away from the litter box.
Review by (Posted on 18/10/2019)
Messy and Inconvenient
I was super excited by the description of this product but when it arrived and I put it into the little tray I was sceptical. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a disaster. It is the consistency of sawdust and was a nightmare to cleanout. The cats tracked the dust (it can't be called litter) all over the house. It was really really awful for all of us! Review by (Posted on 11/10/2019)
I love this product. It is the closest to sand and my cats (7 of them) use it readily. I changed from crystals and am glad I did so. I would however recommend the use of a semi-closed litter tray as this litter is messy and leaves tracking marks for up to 3m. Review by (Posted on 07/10/2019)
Great value and works
First time trying this, cats love it mostly because they think they can play in it. No urine smell and even a slight clumping effect when wet. In that small box is quite a lot of litter. Review by (Posted on 06/10/2019)
works well
The only disappointing part about this was that if you place it on a scheduled delivery and after that specials arise on the same product you cannot take advantage of the sale! (which is what I did). Review by (Posted on 30/09/2019)
Very fine cat litter (which helps stop the accidental kicking out of litter boxes) and barely smells like anything. Love it and will continue to make use of the specials while they are running :) Review by (Posted on 25/09/2019)
Value for money and enviro friendly!
I'm so happy about this cat litter! There is a lot in a box - I can fill my two litter trays twice with one box. The litter is biodegradable, so it goes into my garden once I discard it. And the kitties can play with the empty box! I can really recommend this product. Review by (Posted on 27/08/2019)
Fresh, natural, biodegradable
We love this product not only because it works and the cats LOVE it. But because I know it is natural. It is biodegradable and I can just chuck it in my garden when the cats are done.
It is soft on the cats paws.
It keeps smells better than any gravel or clay type litter.
And it is not harming the environment by adding millions of micro-crystals in our soil and seas.
I always had trouble getting rid of those toxic white crystals now I feel I am actually benefiting instead of harming the environment.
And I just love the box it comes in!!!
Review by (Posted on 27/08/2019)
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