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  • 5 out of 5

    Virbac Milpro Cat Deworming Tablet - 2kg +

    Once-off R49.00
    Schedule & Save R45.00
  • 5 out of 5

    Raw Love Diatomaceous Earth Tick & Flea Treatment - 350g

    Once-off R90.00
    Schedule & Save R85.00
  • 4.55 out of 5

    Revolution Cat Tick, Flea and Worm Spot-On Treatment - 2.6kg-7.5kg

    • Pack of...
    Once-off R480.00
    Schedule & Save R455.00
  • 4 out of 5

    Bravecto Plus Cat Spot On Tick, Flea and Worm Treatment - 2.8-6.25kg

    Once-off R350.00
    Schedule & Save R335.00
  • 4 out of 5

    Virbac Milpro Kitten & Cat Deworming Tablet - 0-2kg

    Once-off R30.00
    Schedule & Save R25.00
  • No Reviews yet

    Antezole Dog & Cat Deworming Liquid

    • 100ml
    Once-off R500.00
    Schedule & Save R475.00
  • No Reviews yet

    Bravecto Plus Cat Spot On Tick, Flea and Worm Treatment - 6.25-12.5kg

    Once-off R420.00
    Schedule & Save R400.00
  • No Reviews yet

    Vondi's Diatomaceous Earth Dewormer - 200g

    Once-off R100.00
    Schedule & Save R90.00

8 Item(s)

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Buy Cat Deworming Medication Online in South Africa

Pet Heaven stocks essential cat deworming medication brands because we know how important it is to provide your cat with effective relief at the best prices!

Pet Heaven makes pet parenting easier with scheduled deliveries to your door at below retail prices on a range of deworming medication especially listed for your cats relief.

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